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In the following post you will find a word file including a series of activities referred to the Conditionals lessons we have worked on. They include all types of conditional sentences, there's a guide of rules for each conditional so... Continue Reading →


Reported Statements

The following is an instructive video on Direct and Reported Speech to review the lesson studied in class: Using the handed information in class and the present video, we'll use the following movie segment to practice both the direct and... Continue Reading →

Relative Clauses

As it was already stated in class, we had two types of Relative Clauses to work with depending on the occasion, which were: Defining Relative Clauses Non-Defining Relative Clauses Referring to the Defining type, we stated that these described the... Continue Reading →

Conditionals 2 ‘n 3

The following link leads to the presentation of today's lesson. Conditionals 2nd 3rd and mixed exercises I'm adding the link to the video needed for the activity assigned today (May 18th)

Video Tutorial

For our first evaluation this term, we are going to create a video tutorial using the grammar lessons referred to the Comparatives and Superlatives worked in classes. As you may already know, there's already a blog post with the presentation... Continue Reading →

Comparatives and Superlatives

I will be updating this post progressively with material for our classes, for now, here's the presentation we worked on earlier in the morning: Comparatives and Superlatives

Future Tense

The following link leads to the presentation on the future tense worked in class, meaning the "Going To" and Present Continuous for future tenses. Future Tense

Modal Verbs

The following link leads to the presentation on the modal verbs Have To, Need To, Must & Should   Modal Verbs

Gradable and Non-Gradable Adjectives *

Adjectives describe qualities (characteristics) of nouns. Some qualities can vary in intensity or "grade", for example: rather hot, hot, very hot; hot, hotter, the hottest The adjective hot is gradable. Other qualities cannot vary in intensity or grade because they are: extremes (for... Continue Reading →

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