We’re definitely not going to talk about Future as in the “rapper” (I mean come on now, that ain’t even rapping, if you want a real hip-hop song, kick it to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTLG9wAjS7U). But we will discuss the differences between the two ways to work in the future time tense; Will and Going To.

     Up to now we have already worked on the uses of the future tense, the conjugations for all the persons of the grammar, the negative words and the question words, all in the context of “Will”. But how much of all that changes when using the “Going To”?.

The next image compares and contemplates the main differences between both:


If you click HERE you will go to the page were i got this chart, with a very detailed explanation on the differences exposed here. As you can see, the difference radicates merely on the existence of a prior plan, a determination to do something, or the evidence that something is in fact very likely to happen, be it because it depends on us or anyone else. Check the link and we will discuss this further in classes.