The following Link contains the presentation worked in class for the Prepositions of Time and Place:


Complete the exercise with the correct prepositions.


  1. I got these photos my friend Jane.
  2. These photos were taken her boyfriend, who is a hobby photographer.
  3. these pictures you can see a giraffe.
  4. So, these are pictures a giraffe.
  5. Look these pictures. Aren’t they wonderful?


  1. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened
    Dick and Mac McDonald the 15th May 1940.
  2. The best selling products their restaurant were hamburgers.
  3. So the McDonald brothers thought a way to produce hamburgers more quickly.
  4. This was introduced 1948 and became known the Speedee Service System.
  5. The first franchised McDonald’s restaurant was opened 1953, and today you can find McDonald’s restaurants more than 100 countries.