For our first evaluation this term, we are going to create a video tutorial using the grammar lessons referred to the Comparatives and Superlatives worked in classes. As you may already know, there’s already a blog post with the presentation of the mentioned grammar subject. Without further ado, the instructions for the mentioned video:

  • 2 persons per video (there’s only one 3-persons group and it’s already been assigned).
  • The subject to be dealt with in the video is free* of choice (keep it classy and academic-related)*, try to not repeat subjects between groups!
  • Video span must be at least 5 mins long (non negotiable).
  • You must establish your own comparison system (either metered or quality-based), using different characteristics and adjectives.
  • The teacher will supply some grade modifiers for the comparatives that you will use in the video activity.
  • Each video must contain a short introduction, a small explanation of the subject you’re going to talk about and the mentioned comparison system.
  • The dialogues and vocabulary doubts will be handled by the teacher until Wednesday the 10th, after that you are entirely on your own.
  • The activity MUST be delivered by Friday the 12th tops.

I look forward to hearing about your ideas for subjects and comparisons, have fun with this and please, do some quality work!