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  Zero Conditional: When we are thinking about facts which are generally true, we use: If + Present Simple, Present Simple If you put water in the freezer, it becomes ice. If you stand in the rain, you get wet.... Continue Reading →



Some verbs are not usually used in the continuous form, even when we are talking about temporary situations or states. These are called stative verbs. So, we say I’m sorry, I don’t understand rather than I’m not understanding. 1. Stative... Continue Reading →


If you remember the 1st grammar lesson of the present simple we had, you'll recall the 4 main uses we have for that time tense, which are: For Facts. For repeated or regular actions For habits For things that are... Continue Reading →


In English as in Spanish, we use a number of words to express how frequently we carry out activities. We call this words "Adverbs of Frequency". These words are the following, arranged from those that express frequency the most, to... Continue Reading →

Future – Will Vs Going To

    We're definitely not going to talk about Future as in the "rapper" (I mean come on now, that ain't even rapping, if you want a real hip-hop song, kick it to this But we will discuss the... Continue Reading →

PRESENT SIMPLE: All Forms and Persons II

   PRONOUNS This entry is a follow-up on what we've been working so far, but will also be important for all the lessons we work from now on, since the pronouns remain the same throughout all the time tenses we will... Continue Reading →

PRESENT SIMPLE: All Forms and Persons

Our trip through this term starts with the most basic form of communication in any given language, the root from which all other verbal tenses are derived from: the Present Simple tense. But, what do we use the Simple Present... Continue Reading →

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